Sanwood began with an idea and a desire to create something unique, to bridge the gap between ideas and execution. We began in a small garage workshop, and 28 years later Sanwood Fine Carpentry & Construction Inc. has worked on over 100 restaurants, homes, and businesses.

The dream was to stand out, not only in our approach (using carpentry and a combination of materials such as steel, glass, copper, stone, etc.) but also in our client-driven approach and our devoted work ethic.

Carlos Sanchez


Fernando Zuñiga


Daniela Zuñiga
Photographer/ Media 
Marla Sanchez

In-house Artist

Amy Amador

Drafter and Designer


As General Contractors, we strive to work with our clients intimately in order to meet every need. This kind of relationship allows for flexibility and assurance that our client’s visions come to fruition. We offer a wide range of services and products for both residential and commercial projects.


What makes Sanwood more than just General Contractors is our specialization in millwork, metal work, and all type of wood finish. With attention to detail in every step of the way, we include custom designs ranging from doors and cabinetry, to moldings, countertops, and much more.


Sanwood strives to be distinct. Working directly with our clients helps us create a parallel vision that brings projects to life. Our remodel and renovation services include custom kitchen designs, showers, flooring, and anything else that might require a diligent hand.


Our work is not restricted to the domestic and the indoors. We value and welcome exterior work as well. Some examples of our exterior projects include: cabanas for pool area, decks, sun beds, patio work, and much more.

  • Kettner Exchange

  • Harumama Little Italy

  • Kitchens

  • Redding

  • Broadstone Vilara

  • Harumama La Jolla

  • ICON

  • Skyloft Irvine

  • Alexan Bahay

  • Alexan Kendry

  • Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen

  • The Cassara Carlsbad

  • CdM Restaurant

  • 7 Mile Sheraton

  • Broadstone Makers Quarter

  • Broadstone North Park

  • Broadstone Cavora

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